Things to figure out

How to add HTML borders/background that go with this header - look for tutorial on Cute and Cool Blog Stuff

How to add album to fit side gadgets?

Figure out how to do an online newsletter for CudaCare Preschool; maybe if we can get a blog to view at school we could develop one for them or use edmodo and create a group for CudaCare Kids.

How to upload albums to Picasa to use in CudaCare-maybe link on edmodo?

How to import an album from Smilebox or Mixbook into edmodo. Found you can upload a link to a Smilebox, but I don't know if I can embed the HTML code. You can also add a link to Mixbook, but it doesn't do the automatic flip if not embedded. Check their gallery; the sample style shown would be good for viewing weekly pics.

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